China: Less Than Half Of NIO Cars Were Enabled To Use Battery Swap

Will the new subsidy policy change it to 100% of new sales?

According to Real Lithium Research via Moneyball, by the end of March 2020 over 17,000 or 48.7% of all NIO cars sold in China were enabled to use battery swap stations (Power Swap). The total cumulative sales at the time were 35,751.

The new data is quite interesting in the light of new subsidy policy, which limits the eligible BEVs to models priced up to 300,000 yuan ($42,377)… unless they are equipped with swappable batteries – then there is no price cap.

It might turn out that soon 100% of NIO car sales will be sold with the Power Swap feature enabled, as it would be an easy way to stay eligible for subsidies, while keeping the premium price.

Currently, NIO operates some 123 battery swap stations in China to lighten long-distance travel across the country. By the end of 2020, 50 more stations will be installed.

The battery swap process takes just a few minutes as shown in the video and was described by our very own Tom Moloughney who had an opportunity to test it.

NIO battery swap videos:

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