Just released: Niki Lauda – The Biography

It’s been a year since Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda passed away. Now, in a book titled “Niki Lauda: The Biography”, veteran F1 journalist Maurice Hamilton has documented Niki’s life beyond the racetrack.

The book focuses on Niki’s racing as well as his business career. It is structured in three sections – up to 1976, 1976-85 and post-retirement.

Hamilton has also sourced information from Lauda’s own autobiographies, giving a first-hand account of some of the notable incidents from his life, including the 1977 incident where he walked out of Ferrari after winning the title. The book also documents various stories about Niki Lauda as told by other journalists.

While the book doesn’t go into the details of Lauda’s personal life, it does include quotes that illustrate his views about certain events.

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